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Arnavaz Video Boutiqe specialize in creating promotional films and unique documentaries for business and private customers. We also provide professional camera and editing services, like travel documentation, music videos, video art, artists' showreel. 


Yoram Ron, the founder of Arnavaz Video Boutique, is an independent filmmaker, director, video photographer & editor. Teaches video & theory in Shenkar Art, Design and Engineering  school in Tel-Aviv.


Ron studied film at the Tel Aviv University and holds a master's degree in philosophy from the University of Nanterre in Paris, directing documentaries, feature films, video art, clips & promotional films.


His documentary film "Absent God", dedicated to the philosopher Emmanuel Levinas, was screened at the Jerusalem Film Festival, Berlin DOKU.ARTS Festival, Warsaw Docs Against Gravity Film Festival, Copenhagen Jewish Film Festival, Brussels Internatinal Jewish Film Festival, Paris Israeli  Film Festival, Barcelona Jewish Film Festival, Paris Museum of the Art and History of Judaism, and more.

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